Marine Research

Design and build of custom camera housings.

Network camera housings with integrated Hydro-Wiper from ZebraTech.
Housings for GoPro cameras with integrated Hydro-Wiper for long term deployment.
Deep water housings complete with LED lighting.

Underwater LED Lights

Single or triple LEDs dimmable

Underwater Lasers

Scaling lasers with mounting clamps and separation bar
Green dot lasers from 1mW to 50mW
Green line lasers also available
Laser modules are available in some other colours

Laser housings available in variety of materials depending on depth requirements.
They can be self powered with AA batteries or powered externally

Underwater Switches and LANC Controllers

Magnetic reed switches for diver operation and LANC controllers for Sony cameras

Custom Housings

Underwater housings can be designed and built from a variety of materials to suit your requirements.

Respirometers and Flumes

Static and swim respirometers
Swim Flumes up to 250ltr capacity


Light traps
LED light source

Suction Samplers


Sediment traps
Sediment sieves and corers