Fishing Equipment

Supplying a range of longline haulers and pot haulers to the Commercial Fishing Industry

Longline Haulers with metal sprayed steel drums and aluminium frames available in various sizes.

Longline Hauler H440

Line capacity of approx 6km of 4mm line / 3.9km 5mm

Longline Hauler H740

Galvanised steel spool with alloy frame, includes level winder
Line capacity of approx 10.3km of 4mm / 6.6km 5mm

Longline Hauler H1040

Same construction as H740
Line capacity of approx 14.5 km of 4mm / 9.3km of 5mm

Longline Hauler H1240

Line capacity of approx 17km of 4mm / 11km of 5mm

Line Hauler H250

250mm diameter alloy discs and frame

Line Hauler H350

350mm diameter alloy discs and frame

Haul Blocks

Open and closed haul blocks

Pot Haulers

Available in 350mm diameter or 250mm diameter